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Find(ing) Success in Life for The Modern Woman

Kick off your heels and grab your water as your Finding Success in Life for the Modern Woman host Jennifer Knecht, connects with experts around the globe. Together you'll explore real health, sexy confidence and business success with thought leaders and experts.

Mar 25, 2016

Katie and Megan walk us through the health journey that lead them to where they're at, sharing Prescribe Nutrition with others. They get into the foods that create low grade inflammation, found as a contributor to many ailments later in life, and how to focus on nutrition with today's busy lifestyles.

Mar 18, 2016

Dr. Andrew Hill talks to us about healthy brain aging and performance. He takes us through modifiable behaviors: things we can do in our 20s and 30s to affect the trajectories of brain health. Not simply the performance of the brain at age 80, but the trajectory of getting to 80.

Tune in to get Dr. Hill’s...

Mar 18, 2016

Your FSL Modern podcast host, Jennifer Knecht, welcomes you to Food, Sex and Life for the Modern Woman.

Hello! I'm Jennifer Knecht, a healthcare executive who's deeply passionate about health and well-being. I've spent years seeing what happens to people later in life when we take our health for granted... And that's...

Mar 1, 2016

In this episode, Melissa takes us through what it takes to be a real Super Woman: honoring time for self-care. So we can serve ourselves, and then others.

Melissa goes over the symptoms we should look for to determine if our hormones are out of wack. Listen in for some useful tips on how to start getting your hormones...